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BAe = British Aerospace

Factory: Hamble


770429> Hawker Siddeley Aviation, Hawker Siddeley Dynamics &

Scottish Aviation; BAC

780101> Aircraft Group: Kingston/Brough, Hatfield/Chester, Warton,

Weybridge/Bristol, Manchester and Scottish

810101> British Aerospace plc: Weybridge (Brough,Manchester,

Dunsfold, Hamble, Kingston, Woodford); Civil Aircraft

(Hatfield,Chester,Bristol,Prestwick); Warton (Preston,


8505> full privatisation

89> BAe (Commercial Aircraft) Ltd. [Woodford]

BAe (Military Aircraft) Ltd. [Warton]

90> Avro International Aerospace develop 146 aircraft

9201> BAe (Military Aircraft) Ltd. with BAe Dynamics

9601> AIR = Aero International Regional with SNIAS, Alenia 33%

98?> buys 35% in SAAB

??> BAE Systems

??> Corporate Jets sold to Raytheon Aircraft Company(Beech)

??> Jetstream Aircraft Ltd.

??> Jetstream/SNIAS/Alenia formed regional aircraft consortium