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Fairchild Airplane Mfg.


29> took over Kreider-Reisner and taken over

by Aviation Corp(Avco)

29><31 Aviation Corp. Holding Company

29><31 American Airplane and Engine Corp.

31> Fairchild repurchased

36> Fairchild Engine & Airplane Corp.

??> took over Kaiser-Frazer (C-123 Provider)

54> bought American Helicopter

64> took over Hiller; Fairchild Hiller

65> took over Republic

66> Fairchild Industries

Fairchild Hiller

69> Fairchild Aircraft Marketing Co. dist. for Metro

<71 to Fairchild Industries

71> Fairchild Republic Co.

8101> Fairchild Swearingen Corp. bought by

another group of investors

and renamed Fairchild Aircraft no connection to Fairchild

89> Fairchild Weston to Loral then to Lockheed Martin 96

<900201 declared bankruptcy Fairchild Aircraft

??> bought Dornier 80%



Sherman M. Fairchild