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Hiller Helicopters Inc.

42> Aircraft Div. of Hiller Industries; United Helicopters = "UH"

48> Hiller Helicopters Inc.

59> Hiller Aircraft Co.

640505> subsidiary of Fairchild; renamed Fairchild Hiller

<66 Fairchild Industries

71> Heliparts in CA

7301> Hiller Aviation Inc.

80> purchased FH-1100

8404> Hiller Helicopters Inc. subsidiary of Rogerson Aviation Corp.

85> Rogerson Hiller Corp. at Port Angeles, WA

94> Hiller Investment Group headed by Stanley Hiller acquired

??> Rogerson-Hiller Helicopter at Reno, NV as Hiller Aircraft

??> Hiller Aircraft Co.


Port Angeles, WA

Palo Alto, CA

Newark, CA