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Monocoupe Airplane and Engine Corp.


2701> Central States Aero Co. at Davenport, IA

27> Mono-Aircraft, Inc. designer Luscombe

<28 Monocoupe

28> Central State Aircraft Co.

29> Mono Aircraft Corp. at Lambert Field, St. Louis, MO

<30 at Bettendorf, IA

310831> Monocoupe Corp.

34> taken over by Lambert

3407> Lambert Aircraft Corp.

3610> Monocoupe Corp.

??> Monocoupe Airplane and Engine Corp.

??> Monocoupe Aircraft of Florida Inc.

40> Monocoupe Aeroplane & Engine Corp. div.of

Universal Moulded Products at Orlando, FL

47> Monocoupe of Florida, Inc. at Melbourne, FL

??> Meteor sold to Saturn Aircraft & Engr. of Oxnard, CA



Davenport, IA

Moline, IL

Orlando, FL

Melbourne, FL


Mooney designer joining Culver/Dart Aircraft