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Stearman Aircraft Co.

26> Stearman Aircraft Co.

270927> back to Wichita, KS

29> took over Hamilton

290815> bought by United Aircraft and Transport Corp.

3012> Stearman resigned as Pres.

3106> Stearman left the Company

3109> Northrop Aircraft moved to Wichita merged

340926> div. of Boeing

380401> Stearman Aircraft Div. of Boeing A/C Co.

39> to Boeing

410901> Wichita Div. of Boeing


??> Stearman-Varney Co. in Alameda, CA


36><38 Stearman-Hammond Aircraft in San Francisco, CA


68><75 Stearman Aircraft Co. in Los Angeles CA


Venice, CA

Wichita, KS





C-3R Business Speedster

CAB-1 Coach


M-2 Speedmail, Bull Stearman

Model 4 Junior/Seniro Speedmail

Model 6 Cloudboy, XPT-912, YPT-9, YBT-3, YBT-5

Model 70 , XPT-943

Model 73, NS-1

Model 75, XPT-945, PT-13, PT-17, PT-18, PT-27

Kaydet, N2S

Model 76

Model 80 Sportster

Model 81

Model X-85, XOSS-1

Model X-90

Model X-91, XBT-17

Model X-100, XA-21

Model X-120, XAT-15


Stearman-Northrop Alpha

" " Beta


Stearman-Hammond Y-125, JH-1

Lloyd Carlton Stearman (981026-750403) engineer with E.M.Laird (20-23), Swallow (23-24)

with Cessna, Beech formed Travel Air (24-26)

Northrop briefly merged with Stearman

[see Ariel Aircraft Inc. diff. Stearman]


Bowers, Peter M.

Wings of Stearman 1998, Flying Books Intl. Eagan

139pp. Ill. ISBN 0-911139-28-1