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Vought Corp, Chance

1706> The Lewis & Vought Corp.

22> Chance Vought Corp.

29> div. of United Aircraft & Transport

390401> Vought-Sikorsky Div. of United Aircraft

42> Chance Vought Corp.

48> Chance Vought Aircraft Inc.

601231> Chance Vought Corp.

610831> Ling-Temco-Vought Inc. [LTV]

76> Vought Corp.

860929> LTV Aerospace and Defense Co.

90> LTV Aircraft Products Group

920831> Vought Aircraft Co.

94> to Northrop


Long Island City, NY

East Hartford, CT

Stratford, CT

Dallas, TX

Astoria, NY

Grand Prairie, TX


Chance Milton Vought

designer with Wright-Martin